D.D community (JAMATA) was established in early 1999 following the arrival of a considerable number of immigrants from the region that left their country of origin due to persecution. The association was registered in the state of Minnesota as legal entity to conduct its business of helping its members and other immigrants of similar needs. The organization is governed by three elected executive member committee (President, Secretary and Treasurer) and its board member.


  • To establish a solid worldwide network among our people
  • To bring together and promote solidarity among our people
  • To support each other in developing healthy community
  • Help bring members/non member individuals together by pursuing social and educational programs and cultural activities of common interest for the benefit of the whole community.
  • Help people from diredawa and the people of the region who are coming to North America as new immigrants to adapt to the new environment and culture.


Our vision is to foster relations among the people of our region to look forward to inclusive and vivacious global society.