It lies at the intersection of roads from Addis Ababa, Harer, and Djibouti and has an airport. Dire Dawa, for long a caravan centre, developed as the chief outlet for Harer trade after 1904, when it became the terminus of the railroad from the port ofDjibouti (since extended to Addis Ababa). The Dachatu River, whose bed can be crossed on foot during the dry season, divides the city into modern and old quarters. The former, built by the French, contains a Coptic church and a royal palace. Within the old quarter are a mosque and a large Muslim cemetery. Grain is imported from the highlands to the south because the dry fields around Dire Dawa (which means “empty plain”) yield little to cultivation. The city has railway workshops, textile and cement factories, and coffee- and meat-canning plants and trades in coffee and hides. Most of its inhabitants are OromoSomali, orAmhara people. Nearby are caves decorated with prehistoric paintings. Pop. (2007) 342,827.


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  1. History tips:
    According from our oral history lessons, because we were not allowed to freely write or talk about our history in our own home land.
    Once upon a time in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Dire Dawa was nicknamed brotherly love city/town by it’s inhabitants. That phrase was well known in a few different languages by all of the inhabitants of Dire Dawa. Let us revive this beautiful nick name, and call our beloved home towm BROTHERLY LOVE Dire Dawa.
    May ALLAH help us all create love and harmony among us all.

  2. A group of people do not become a genuine community easily or accidentally. There are certain principles which a group learns as they develop into a community. The most important reason for your participation in the Dire Dawa Global Networking is to learn these principles directly. In order to share in the community building experience fully, it is important to commit to these very basic principles: Inclusivity, Participation, Punctuality and Confidentiality.

  3. No matter what, today will come to an end and tomorrow will arrive.you have to keep on doing the right thing. You can either sit there and waste another day feeling sorry for yourself or you can get up and do something about it. It is time for us to respond the call for networking and move it to the next steeps.

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